Safer Internet Day 2019

Today we celebrated ‘SID 2019”s ‘Together for a better internet’ with a whole host of activities relating to consent and staying safe online:

We read a fairytale with a twist ‘Goldilocks – #a hashtag cautionary tale’ and discussed the implications of Goldilocks’ careless attitude towards e-safety. We then hot seated Goldilocks and gave her some top tips for staying safe online.Top tips for Goldilocks

We looked at the ‘Rights of the child’ and how they relate to staying safe online. We sorted our cards into a diamond 9 shape depending on our priorities.

We pretended to describe consent to an alien and played a game about proximity and how our facial expressions and actions show our feelings about consent as well as the words that we use.

We predicted who the biggest internet users of the world are and then represented our data in a variety of different ways.

We created a wordle for e-safety.

Esafety wordle

We had so much fun and, best of all, we now know exactly what we need to do to stay safe online and how important it is to both ask for, and give, consent.

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